Welcome to BSB - Burgundy School of Business!

The official name for Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne

2016 has brought about many exciting changes for Burgundy School of Business:

  • Major extensions to our Dijon Campus, such as the launch of a centre for Entrepreneurship, enhanced student facilities and a new library
  • The construction of a building dedicated to our School of Wine and Spirits Business
  • The addition of Beaune, an emblematic location reflecting our wine and spirits focus, to existing teaching facilities in Paris and Lyon
  • Becoming a founding member of the Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté Higher Education Consortium (COMUE UBFC), ranked for the 1st time in THE World University Rankings
  • Gaining 9 places in the Financial Times ranking of Masters in Management – the highest climber amongst French Business Schools this year

These key developments reflect BSB’s ambition and underscore its commitment to excellence, its international focus, and its personalized student support.

To welcome this new era for the School, we have created a new brand and identity.

Welcome to BSB - Burgundy School of Business!

An alternative business school model

A student oriented and accredited business school model

BSB has ambitions to achieve by 2022: it aims to offer an original and different business school model, which is both completely student oriented and internationally accredited. This will help to expand our economic and academic partnerships in France, and, moreover, abroad. Pursuing this development will also allow BSB to position itself among the top 15 business schools in France, as well as to continue to progress in various rankings (FT). 

Our difference is our strength

A comprehensive student experience is at the heart of this project, and this makes us stand out from the crowd. Indeed, many business schools today are focused on size, despite the risk of losing students. Our decision is clear. We are continuing to offer close student follow up, through reinforcing personalised student mentoring and enhanced services at all levels: personal, professional and international. 

This is possible through managing student growth (3,000 students in 2022), teaching to groups of between 20 and 40 students in classrooms rather than lecture hall courses, more facilities for the new campus and more entrepreneurial teaching.

Being the reference in Wine Business

In 2013 we launched the School of Wine & Spirits Business, which was the first international teaching and research institute dedicated entirely to wine and spirits management. To maintain its role as leader in this field and to consolidate the SWSB's reputation as a gateway to international opportunities, Burgundy School of Business will continue to recruit top faculty to increase its academic recognition. It is building a specialised facility in Dijon, has set up in the Pavillon 1889 in Beaune and is continuing to host a wide variety of international conferences.

Some key figures

  • 1899: BSB was created
  • 5 campuses: Dijon-Sambin, Dijon-Fleury, Lyon-Confluence, Paris and Beaune
  • 2,400 students on campus in 2016, 1/4 of whom are international
  • 13 degree programmes on offer, ranging from Bachelor to Executive Education
  • 70 English, German and Spanish double degrees
  • 65 professors
  • 350 external faculty members
  • 1 School of Wine & Spirits Business
  • 1 research centre (CEREN)
  • 4 teaching and company research chairs
  • 3 research teams
  • 1 research laboratory (LESSAC)
  • 158 international academic partners in 48 countries
  • 1,100 corporate partners
  • 11,000 graduates